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Welcome to my blog Irene discovers. My name is Irene and I grew up in lovely Vienna in the 1980s during the last decade of the Cold War.

Since then a lot has changed in Vienna. In the 1980s you were lucky to find a Chinese restaurant. By the 1990s it was luxury to go for some sushi. And by the 2000s it was bento box and half price sushi.

Today everything has diversified. It is no longer just hip to eat fancy exotic foods but it is about regional products and sustainability, about authentic foods and flavors. It is all about the experience.

Touristy stuff is out. Most of the time people visit the classic sights to scratch them off their bucket list. But it is the authentic experience, the way locals experience their home town that makes visiting a place special. Don’t eat in tourist restaurants. Shop where the locals do.

This blog is my authentic experiences both in Vienna and in other places in Austria and wherever I visit. I must admit mostly Budapest and Hungary. It is my love for food and the flavors I experience. About my love for Asian cuisine – from the numerous cuisines of China to Korea, Japan, Thai and Vietnamese flavors. All these flavors that we in Vienna and other parts of Europe are privileged to experience. Or as we say in German „Liebe geht durch den Magen“,
But it is also about the places I visit – the museums and other experiences.

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