I connect my first memories with Hungary when my father was working there in the 1980ies. It were those happy lucky childhood stories. Almost every summer we went there. It was a typical Fürdő (thermal bath) where we spent our summer holidays. My mother tried to cure her back pains in the hot water and I was connecting to local kids. I remember one girl that I met. She was there with her grandmother. I didn’t speak any Hungarian and she didn’t speak German but in the end we played cards.
The story with these thermal baths is simple. Hungary was digging for oil and found warm water. Maybe looking back this might not have been a bad thing. By now the oil would have been all gone but the warm water is still there.

As for Budapest. I found my love for this beautiful city approximately 15 years ago. Compared to other parts of Hungary prices in Budapest are high, compared to other parts of the world they might be considered low. Either or, as with most destinations in the world tourists might be seen as cash cows that need to get milked. And so it is important to watch out for those tourist traps. But it is a city to discover that is vibrant. If Vienna is a bit laid back this city shines with its pulsating nightlife.

In this part of the blog I try to introduce those parts of Budapest that I love. Also the simple things like what beverages I like most. And as it is with so many cities in Europe things in Budapest change rapidly. What was popular yesterday might not be popular today. Budapest also experiences an influx of migrants that bring with them a rich food culture. Food trends in Budapest are also present – be it the vegan cuisine or any other in this respect. I also write about issues one needs to be careful of. I had to learn them the hard way.

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